Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Client Website Experience

For the website assessment my Client was Caboolture Exhaust & Mechanical.
Although they already had their business details on an existing site they jumped at the idea of creating their own individual website.
They were very easy going with ideas on both the design and content and were more than happy for me to go ahead and create the website. They did decide on keeping the previous website colours of grey, blue & white. As the business itself targets a wide demographic I choose to keep the pages simple and easy to navigate, ensuring not to discourage potential customers.
I have really enjoyed having the freedom to create what I thought was appropriate to the nature of the business.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Client Website Mockup

Basekit Website

Web Design

What is a Dreamweaver template?

Allows you to edit or add content to a page. Subsequently any pages attached to this template will take on these changes.

What are the advantages of using a Template?

Using templates in Dreamweaver is quick and simple to set up. Protecting certain elements from being altered by others of a page can be easily achieved.

What is an editable region?

Editable regions allow you to lock particular areas of the template, making them inaccessible to others. This also makes it easy for information to be updated in on a regular basis.

What is a repeating region?

A template object, repeating regions allow content to be added to a template while regions are locked.

What is optional region?

Not too dissimilar to Editable regions, optional regions allows you to show or hide particular content on each page separately.

Not so much graphic design, just some really cool architecture!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Marketing Website Mockup

First Mockup for my Marketing Website.

I'm not too sure what I was thinking when I decided on the colours!


em is a unit of measurement in Typography. Originally the unit is from the width of the capital “M” in any given typeface.
eg 1 em in 16 point typeface is 16 points